This world needs a million more people like, Dobre Dobrev. He is called the living saint of, Baylovo for a good reason. This humble, and generous, Bulgarian man is now over 100 years old, yet he walks 43 km every day even in the cold of winter from his village in, Baylovo to Sofia to beg for alms. He scrapes by on a tiny pension each month. Surprisingly to most people is that he doesn’t keep the money for himself, but donates the money to the orphanages and the church. Dobre has managed to donate 24 thousand Euros to the church which was struggling. This humble man welcomes and bows to all showing them respect and love even kissing their hands. The orphans lovingly call him Grandpa Dobri. In his long life he has learned that love is the most important thing in life. Beauty fades, friendships are uncertain and there are no guarantees in life. However God gives us love, we need to turn to God, He is truth. We love the wonderful heart this man has for God and people, especially the most vulnerable, the orphans he helps. We wish him continued good health and happiness. We also pray that God will continue to bless this man and all the good he does in the future.